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According to a study conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute, 90% of organizations are convinced that teamwork and collaboration are fundamental to the success of companies, while research conducted by the Harvard Business Review has shown that 70% of managers believe that Team Building is suitable for improving productivity.

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In recent years, corporate team building has become an aspect of fundamental importance for companies wishing to enhance productivity and collaboration between employees.

But what does Team Building really mean? It is a dynamic set of activities aimed at developing the collaboration and communication skills of team members, through the use of coaching and learning tools and techniques.

But why do companies invest in these activities? The answer is simple: data shows that when team members are able to work synergistically, company performance improves significantly.

A concrete example can be drawn from a software company that has chosen to invest in various Team Building programs. Through an intense series of activities and coaching sessions, team members achieved more engaging communication and greater awareness of individual skills.

The result? A 15% increase in the company's overall productivity and a 12% decrease in employee absenteeism.

But what are the concrete ways to operate Team Building? Some exceptional techniques include the identification of clear and shared objectives, the promotion of a collaborative culture and the use of interactive activities and role playing.

However, it is essential to underline that Team Building cannot be considered a short-term solution, but rather a continuous process that requires consistency and commitment over time.



What makes a truly successful company? Beyond numbers, it is essential to have a cohesive and collaborative team. However, creating and maintaining such a unit can present challenges. This is where Imperium Group comes in, with their customized team building solutions that help companies increase financial results.



Mentalism Experience

Mentalism themed team building consists of a series of activities that
challenge participants' minds and help them develop the ability to
work together more effectively. Through reading exercises
mind, memorization and problem solving, team members
they will learn to communicate better and develop greater confidence and
mutual respect.

Image by Bret Kavanaugh
Image by Cole Allen

Mind Treat

Wellbeing themed team building consists of activities that promote
mental and physical health and well-being of team members. Examples
they can be meditation or yoga sessions, meal preparation
healthy together, outdoor physical activities and management workshops
of stress. The goal is to create a healthy and happy working environment.

Food & Drink Experience

The food & drink themed team building is an excellent opportunity to discover
new talents and develop group creativity. Give us delicious recipes
in which all participants will have to bring their best side into play
creative, using surprising ingredients and cooking techniques
innovative. Finally, the teams will have to present their dishes in front
to a jury of experts who will decide the winner!

Image by Edgar Castrejon
Image by krakenimages

Social impact

Social impact themed team building includes engaging activities
social problems affecting the local or global community. The examples
of activities that could be included are voluntary actions,
social awareness projects, fundraisers and much more.
The goal is to unite the group and promote teamwork
in order to create a positive common purpose for society.

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Team building themed on puzzles and problem solving is an excellent opportunity
to stimulate the cooperation and creativity of the participants. The teams
they will be faced with puzzles, riddles and complex situations from
resolve, learning the importance of synergy and teamwork
to find the best solutions.

Image by Ryoji Iwata

Psycho-attitudinal activities

A team building themed around psychological team games can involve
activities such as the "Pillow Test"
, in which each member of the group
describes one's ideal pillow, or the "Mirror Game"
, in which the others
team members must reveal which aspects of their character
reflect the player in question. The exercises aim to strengthen the
communication and developing relationships between team members

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